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Hand Analysis Gathering with Friends!

What do your palms reveal about your relationships and love life, your hidden talents and gifts, and how you relate to friends and loved ones?

Find out at a private Hand Analysis Gathering, where you and your guests will each receive a Mini-Hand Reading with Ellyn Daly, “Your Hand Analyst.”

What a great way to have fun with your best buddies while you get life-changing information on your communication and love styles! As host, you will also receive a 60-minute private Life Purpose Hand Analysis as my thank you gift.

Don’t wait! Get more info now by calling Ellyn at 707.657.7333 or by Connecting with Ellyn Daly.


Private Hand Analysis Consultations

Your Soul’s Purpose Revealed: Your Life Purpose, Life School, and Life Lesson as permanently encoded in your fingerprints.

Messages from Your Personality: 
Your Unique Love Style plus your special Gifts and Abilities.

Putting Personality and Purpose into Action: Connecting the dots as we create a Master Plan for you to move forward on your unique path.

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“Finger Tips”

FREE! Nuggets of Wisdom
in Your Hands

Discover how your hands can tell you all about how to live your most fulfilling, satisfying, and powerful life!

Allow your fingerprints to show you how to get out of the School of Hard Knocks and into manifesting your desires and truly enjoying your life. 

Watch the lines in your palms guide you to clearer communication and more love. 

And be amazed at much, much more from the treasure chest found in your hands!

If it is in your hands, it is in your life! Call 707-657-7333 Learn More